Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ten Reasons Why I Do Not Want Shashi Tharoor in the Indian Parliament

1. He is handsome; no one will take a second look at me.
2. He has had a brilliant academic career; I barely scraped through my school.
3. He is a reputed author; my read does not go beyond the newspaper.
4. He has held exalted assignments; I am a lower division clerk.
5. He is widely travelled; the farthest I have gone to is the taluk headquarters.
6. He is highly-connected; the most powerful person I know is the secretary of the party in my village.
7. He goes around wearing natty suits and rimless glasses; I have no such accoutrements.
8. He sends email messages from his Blackberry; my prepaid mobile does not work because I have not recharged it.
9. He is proud of his Malayali lineage but spells his name as Shashi, not Sasi.
10. I am a progressive Keralite, but his name does not tell me what caste he belongs to.


For those who have not been watching the election scene in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala very closely, Dr Shashi Tharoor, author and former UN official is a candidate. Though a Keralite by descent, he was educated elsewhere (Kolkata, Delhi and abroad). The average Malayali who has not had the opportunity for such exposure just cannot stomach the possibility of his making it to the Lower House. These are the typical thoughts (slightly exaggerated, of course) that go through their minds (Forget that true to their intellectual pretensions, they might put forth more rational arguments). How do I know? Simple: I am one such.


kochuthresiamma p .j said...

something tells me he'll win-then become a cabinet minister if his party returns to N delhi-then - - -well, let's wait and see. dont wannabe a prophet of doom

Suvro Chatterjee said...

No comments right now on either Malayalis or Shashi Tharoor (except that I rather like his natty good looks - most of our politicos are so utterly ugly and shabby! - and I enjoyed reading his The Great Indian Novel), but I'm glad you're back on the net once again! Haven't read a blogpost of yours yet that I didn't relish reading.

wannabe said...


I admire Shashi. I want him to win. I hope he does.

Having said that, I am afraid he will not. He will be done in not just by his opponents, but by his own partymen and Kerala's middleclass 'intelligentsia' which cannot stand someone pereceived as offering them competition !

If I am AFRAID he may lose, I AM SCARED that he may win.

Because, towards that end, he has sought the blessings of unprincipled political leaders and self-seeking communal leaders. He has no escape from seeking the support of greedy and corrupt partymen. After winning, he may have to appease these segments. And in the process, he may have to forget his principles.

What a fall it would be, gentlemen! No one will be sadder than me if that happens.

A Stoic said...

I cannot help being a nobody. I resent it.
The least that I can do then is to try pull down those better than me.
I can do that through my vote now; though as a Mallu, I would prefer to do it through slander and gossip.